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Options for getting your communications optimised

Content Writing/ Copywriting/ Blogging
Writing for the internet requires paying attention to SEO and also making sure the copy is relatively brief and easy to access. Blogging on a website gives clients an extra tool to engage with customers and to keep their website content fresh and up to date by focussing on new changes or adapting the copy for seasonal or newsworthy relevance. 

Interviewing a range of people to tell their stories - requires paying attention to their stories, creating rapport with people writing it up for case studies and client reviews and crafting it in a way that reaches maximum engagement

Social Media Posts & Campaigns
Creating a month-by-month calendar for clients focussing on appealing design, links to website, engaging content. Use of relevant images and also catchy word play to drive engagement. Adapting campaigns for various social media platforms and using various tools like reels and video to add variety. Scheduling and posting regularly and analysing the traction of the posts using analytics.

Press Releases/ Newsletters
Creating newsletters for different audiences - internal and external, using graphic design tools and also various mailing programmes to disseminate information to the right audience. Collecting content and liaising with various departments to have recent and useful information.

Web Design
Creating new websites for clients using Wix or WordPress - websites that are visually appealing, functional and easy to use. Creating a website that is easily recognizable and adheres to brand values and design.

Features Articles and Photo-Stories/ Profiles
This long-length form of writing is useful for articles for newspapers, magazines and other journals. Using more research, details and an overall focus on an aspect of a business, a campaign or a personality profile on an important key person. Using a range of photographs to help add to the visual appeal of the article, a photo essay can be very useful as a tool in making a person or idea seem more accessible and interesting.

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