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 I am a writer, blogger, journalist and communications all-rounder. I am a creative thinker with an original approach to getting ideas into words and visuals. I worked as a feature journalist for two decades and moved from traditional print media into the dynamic space of social media to promote words and ideas for clients. I specialise in getting media publicity for smaller businesses that can not afford their own marketing or public relations officer. 

I enjoy writing press releases, newsletters, brochures, web copy, and marketing material, my speciality is words and concepts. I get a thrill from brainstorming thinking out of the box and delivering unique, well-written stories that sell a product or convey an idea. I have planned ad campaigns and organised events and often created attention-grabbing editorials for publicity.

People describe me as enthusiastic, warm, empathetic, and approachable. I have a quirky and humorous side. When I am not doing communications, I enjoy blogging, writing short stories, and murder mysteries and I love taking photographs.

I find it important to create a rapport with the people I am working with, so I can ask the right questions. I often found that the colour for any copy or story comes from observations, intuition and a gut feel. I like to know what drives people and understand their business from their perspective. I am dependable and original and I like to think I am making a positive difference to you and your business.


I look forward to meeting you.



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