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Mad days with Lizzie Sunshine

 Silly ... Sassy ... With a touch of sexy

Strelitzia (Lizzie) Sunshine is having something of a mid-life crisis. She has gone through a traumatic divorce.  Her husband “Neville-the-ex” ran off with the slutty dog trainer. Angry and disillusioned with life and love she leaves her home in the big city and decides to settle in a small rural town in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

 It is a country known for its complicated racial divides and diverse social tapestry. Here she is expecting life to become calmer and simplified. This has not quite worked out.

 In this hilarious and sassy diary-style novel, Strelitzia documents the challenges of being a single mother, testing the world of online dating and trying to immerse herself into the local culture. 

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The Mirror has Two Faces

 A story of one woman's struggle with Bipolar Disorder

Cally Bassage (the author) tells her story of struggling with bi-polar disease with raw honesty and refreshing candour. This book is a testimony to her inner strength and courage to keep on going when times were dark.

It is also looks at how the treatment of bipolar disease has changed over the years. It is also a spiritual story. Growing up in a Christian home in Pietermaritzburg South Africa,  she was able to trust in her relationship with God to help her overcome enormous challenges.

Her struggle with the disease began at puberty and she has been through a roller coaster ride of medication, psychotherapy and various treatments. After trying many treatments and going from one institution to another, she has finally found a solution to coping with her disease.

Her family never gave up on her and she was always convinced that her struggles were not meaningless. If you have been through this journey with a mental illness, or you know someone who is battling with bipolar, or any kind of mental illness, this book will provide hope for the future.

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